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Box and Earth

Looking for the right box in the right quantity at the right price? We can be your solution!

The Custom Box Company specializes in making small quantity, custom sized, corrugated shipping boxes. Whether you need one box or one thousand, we offer made to order, corrugated cartons at a reasonable price. We ship our tailor made cardboard containers all over the United States – to artists in New York, schools in California or machine shops in Iowa. No matter their location, our customers will all tell you that at The Custom Box Company service and quality form the cornerstone of our business.

To get your custom-made boxes manufactured correctly, we will need to know the following:

  1. What type of corrugated cardboard do you require?
    The appropriate material will depend on the size of your box and the weight of what you are shipping. See our FAQ page for more information about the material we use to manufacture custom-made corrugated boxes, call us at (972) 956-8029, or email us. We will be glad to discuss your customized box requirements in person.

  2. What are the inside dimensions of your personalized box?
    In the world of custom box manufacturing, we state the dimensions in terms of Length, Width and Depth (or Height). As you look into the opening of your cardboard box, the longest side is the length, the shortest side is the width and the measurement from the top of the carton to the floor of the box is the depth. In the Gallery of Custom Box Styles, you will find a picture of many of the custom cartons that we make. 

  3. How soon do you need your custom made boxes?
    Our normal lead time for manufacturing up to several hundred custom cardboard boxes is just 3-5 working days. However, many times we can also ship your custom boxes the same day, if necessary. For larger orders of custom packaging, our standard lead time is 8-10 working days.

The Custom Box Company is a small, family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on the workmanship that goes into making each custom corrugated box that leaves our doors. We value our customers and make service to them our top priority.