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Looking for the perfect sized box? We’re here to help!

The Custom Box Company specializes in making small quantity, custom sized, corrugated shipping boxes. If you have searched for the right box without results, we are the company for you. We make boxes to fit your needs, and most importantly, our boxes will fit your specifications. With our help, those uniquely sized items that you need to ship, store, or wrap can have a box built to size.

Need only one?

No problem. We can fulfill orders from one to one hundred or more at competitive prices.

The Custom Box Company is a small, family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on the workmanship that goes into making our quality custom corrugated boxes. Service to our customers is our top priority.

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Let’s get started. In order to provide you with the best possible box, we need the following information:

  • Material: What type of corrugated cardboard do you require?

    The appropriate material will depend on the size of your box and the weight of what you are shipping. See our FAQ page for more information about the material we use to manufacture our custom-made boxes.

    In need of more information? If you would like to discuss your specific needs with a member of our team call us at (972) 956-8029, or email us.

  • Size: What size box do you need?

    In the world of custom box manufacturing, we state the dimensions in terms of length, width, and depth (or height). As you look into the opening of your cardboard box, the longest side is the length, the shortest side is the width, and the measurement from the top of the carton to the floor of the box is the depth. You will need to measure the length, width, and depth of the item you are trying to box. Don’t forget to leave room for any packing materials (styrofoam casing, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.). If you will not be using packing materials, be sure to leave enough room for the item to fit comfortably in the box without damage to the box or the item. We recommend adding a ½” to each dimension after packing materials—measure the item after you have packed it in bubble wrap or any other protective packing materials, then add ½” to length, width, and depth (or height). To assist you, we have provided pictures of many of the custom cartons that we make in the Gallery of Custom Box Styles.

  • Timeline: How soon do you need your custom boxes?

    Our normal lead-time for manufacturing up to several hundred custom cardboard boxes is 3-5 business days. However, on small orders, we are often able to ship your custom boxes same day. For larger orders of custom packaging, our standard lead-time is 8-10 business days.

Is The Custom Box Company right for you?

Ask yourself the following 5 questions:

  1. Do you need a corrugated shipping box that is just the right size for your product? 
  2. Do you need a made-to-order cardboard box, but don’t want to buy thousands at one time?
  3. Do you use numerous custom corrugated boxes, but need to order in small quantities of various sizes? 
  4. Do you need your storage and warehouse space for products and not shipping boxes?

Do you want to work with a flexible company that can make specialty test boxes at affordable prices?

We live up to our name. Find custom everything at The Custom Box Company.

  • Custom Boxes – Designed to your specifications, with no set-up fees.
  • Custom Sizes – Made as small as a golf ball or as large as a refrigerator.
  • Custom Quantities – Order one, one hundred, or more.

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